Hello. I'm Ahmed.

Web developer, engineer and coffee addict.

My Resume

I create.

I create beautiful, intitutive websites for small business and persons that doesn't require a manual to use.

I code.

I code tailored, personalized windows and web apps. I can also make servers and databases do fancy stuff.

I host.

I host and administrate your websites, so that you don't leave your shiny new website sitting on your harddisk.
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A mechanical engineer by study, developer by passion and a designer by heart; I combine and apply a diverse range of technical and artistic skills to create individual solutions that you and your business deserve. Besides the projects listed here, I created several database driven applications for firms and colleges I have worked at, which include a Personnel Control System and an Inventory Control System.
On my free time, I can be found reading more about programming, design or supporting LFC. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Aerodynamics.

A strong propoent of minimal design, I use HTML5 with CSS3 and Bootstrap to create the responsive, clean, mobile first layouts.

Originally a programmer who loves databases, I enjoy creating data-driven web apps, or developing Wordpress sites too, that fulfills your needs and is easy for use.

A minimal design does not have to be plain and dull. A little jQuery sprinkled in your website will spice it up.

My favourite programming language, I create personalized, data-driven Windows apps to suit and solve all your needs. I love Entity Framework too.